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yahoo's auction site has some advantages over ebay

Should You Consider Using the Yahoo Auction Instead of eBay?

Many people don’t even know that the Yahoo auction site exists. Yahoo has been operating its own auction site for a number of years. Even though Yahoo is the number one site on the internet, according to, their on-line auctions have never been as well trafficked as eBay’s.

Yahoo Auctions does offer some advantages over eBay, however. For one thing, Yahoo auctions are included in the results when someone is searching for something on the Yahoo shopping marketplace. Their product search gets a lot of use, so if you’re selling, you will definitely get some exposure that you wouldn’t get on eBay’s auctions.

Avoid Losing Your Auctions to Auction “Snipers” With Yahoo

An advantage to the Yahoo online auction for buyers is that they don’t allow for last minute “sniping”. Sniping is when someone bids in the last few seconds of an auction to beat the highest bidder, without giving them time to bid again. If this has ever happened to you on an eBay auction, you’ll know how frustrating it is when someone snipes your bid at the last second and wins by a few cents.

On Yahoo Auctions, when someone bids in the last few seconds of an auction, the auction automatically gets extended by another 5 minutes. This way, all bidders in the auctions online at the time get an equal chance to outbid one another.

Buyers can sometimes find good deals on Yahoo compared to eBay auctions. Because there are fewer bidders, you can win with lower bids in some cases. Sometimes you can even buy something on the Yahoo online auction site then turn around and sell it for a profit in an eBay auction.

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