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Hot Products to Sell on eBay

As the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay is a very accessible and easy way to sell goods and make a second income. For some people (a colossal 800,000+ worldwide in fact!), eBay has even become their main source of income. For anyone wishing to join the success statistics, the first decision they need to make is what to sell. Although eBay is undoubtedly profitable, it is also very competitive in some categories and eBay and Paypal fees can be an additional shock to unwary new sellers who haven’t bothered to do the numbers before they get started.

SaleHoo Product Sourcing provides eBay sellers with access to some of the world’s best wholesale suppliers for popular consumer products. Through their private forum of over 40,000 members, SaleHoo staff come into daily contact with hundreds of sellers at all levels selling many different products. And they’ve also seen what works on eBay and what doesn’t!

So, we decided to ask SaleHoo to share with us their tips for what is going to sell well on eBay for the upcoming year, to give you a head start! This is what they said:

  1. Clothing & footwear is one of the top selling categories on eBay and is a great way to make money if you can find a point of difference from other sellers. SaleHoo suggests focusing on a niche such as footwear in larger sizes, maternity clothing or winter coats. Take a look at your competitors and look for the holes. What are they doing that you could do better? Are they overlooking a pocket of customers? When it comes to sourcing, try finding liquidation deals to get big brands for bargain basement prices.
  2. Accessories – cellphone accessories, ipod accessories – cheap to buy, easy to package and ship, plenty of buyers....what’s not to love?
  3. Games & DVDs – Games are a market that is just growing and growing as games become more like interactive movies, thus increasing the appeal to a wider audience. SaleHoo says that DVD and CD sales have benefited from eBay’s change to the free gallery option. “Being able to add a picture at no additional costs puts eBay back on a level playing field with Amazon as far as selling media goes,” says SaleHoo manager Simon Slade.
  4. Toys: Pokemon trading cards, Star Wars, Fisher Price, and the ever popular Barbie, Lego, Marbles and Transformers. Once again, look at your competitors and find something you can offer that’s unique.
  5. Baby items: baby clothes, Fisher Price, Pottery Barn, Peter Rabbit, Classic Pooh, Elmo, and Playschool. “Baby is an almost fail-safe category to sell in,” Slade comments. “After all, most people have children and these days, most buy each child new clothing and toys. Although that said, second hand baby items in great condition do well too.”
  6. Pets: dog grooming kits, aquarium supplies, fish tanks. “If you’ve got an interest in pets, then this is a fun category to sell in. Pet owners are generally great people to deal with,” Slade enthuses.
  7. Garden & Home items: compost rotary bins; Black & Decker power tools...we could go on all day. And SaleHoo’s comment? “These items are often overlooked by new sellers as too ‘ordinary’, but ordinary sells!”
  8. Hobby items: fishing & sporting goods; dresses for China dolls; bird watching binoculars; scrapbooking and knitting suppliers.  “Hobby items get good quality buyers and buyers who are willing to pay for what they want, which on the whole, means margins are frequently much higher than for the so-called ‘hot’ items,” says Slade. “A hobby is a good choice for the long-term too. You can send out a regular newsletter to your buyers with updates on new stock and encourage them to come back time and again.”

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This popular category would include anything that people use and then would need to buy again such as lotions, perfumes, camera film, candles, etc.

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