glossary of auction terms


An abbreviation used on eBay that means “not a registered user”. Can indicate a user was suspended by eBay or they have deactivated their account. Auction users who have been suspended or barred from eBay are said to have been NARU’d.


Meaning to have given or received negative feedback.

New Listing Icon

An icon on eBay listings that indicates the auction was just recently listed.

New Member Icon

An icon beside a user’s name that indicates they joined eBay within the last 30 days.


An abbreviation meaning “negative feedback”


An abbreviation meaning “new in box”


An abbreviation meaning “new old stock”


An abbreviation meaning “not packaged”


An abbreviation meaning “no reserve”


An abbreviation meaning “never removed from box”


An abbreviation meaning “near mint”


An abbreviation meaning “new – without tag”


An abbreviation meaning “new – with tag”


An abbreviation meaning either “out of print” or “out of package”


Indicates the previous highest bidder was replaced by someone who bid a higher amount.


An online payment service that lets buyers pay sellers for their auctions. Paypal offers credit card payments as well as direct bank debits. It allows auction sellers to accept credit card payments without having to have their own credit card merchant account.


A term on eBay for a high-volume seller who has maintained a feedback score of 98% or better. There are various levels of Powersellers, based on their gross monthly sales totals. The lowest level of Powerseller is the Bronze level, which requires $1,000 monthly sales. The highest level is the Titanium level, which requires $150,000 in monthly sales.

Private Auction

Most online auction sites offer private auctions, where the names of the bidders and their bid amounts are not visible to all users looking at the auction.

Proxy Bidding

A service offered by online auction sites in which the auction site will automatically increase your bid, up to your maximum bid, as other users bid on an item. For example, if an item is listed for $1 and you bid $10, the current bid will only increase by the bid increment (usually $0.10 in this case, to $1.10). As others bid, your bid will automatically be increased until it reaches your maximum.

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Information Products

In this category, you would sell anything that can be sent on a CD or floppy disc or downloaded from the Internet. This is another popular category.

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