drop-shippers can be a big time saver when you sell on ebay

Dropshippers Can Be a Great Help When You’re Starting to Sell on e-Bay – If You Know When to Use Them

Dropshippers can save you a lot of time and effort when you’re selling on eBay. Drop shippers will ship an item that you’ve sold on eBay directly to your customer for you at the end of the auction. This can save you time and effort in a number of ways:

  • Packaging the item
  • Labeling it for shipping
  • Taking it to the post office
  • Standing in line to actually ship it

Drop-shippers take care of all these things for you, but it’s all transparent to your buyers. Just about every dropshipper will label the item to look like it came from you. This is important when you’re selling things on eBay, because you need to maintain your relationship with your customer.

Can You Make Money When Using a Drop Shipper?

That depends a lot on what you’re selling. If you’re selling electronics or computers, the profit margins are so small that it probably won’t make sense for you. Dropship suppliers charge for the services they offer – when you buy wholesale products to ship yourself, you’ll get them for less than through a dropshipper. When the items you’re selling have a bigger profit, you can justify the added cost.

Another drawback of dealing with dropshipping companies is you lose a certain amount of control over your business. On e Bay, your feedback reputation is critical. If you can’t rely on the wholesale dropship company to send the item on time and in good condition, it’s your reputation on the line.

One of the biggest advantages of dropshipping is that you don’t have to pay for inventory until you’ve been paid by your customer. When you list something on eBay, you never know 100% for certain that it will sell. If you buy a whole truckload of something and then it doesn’t sell, you’re stuck with it. If you list an item on eBay that you will have dropshipped and it doesn’t sell, all it cost you was the listing fees.

Drop shippers can make your business run much more efficiently on eBay, but consider the following points when choosing one:

  • Test them a few times before you jump in with both feet. Have a few items dropshipped to yourself, friend or family to see how well they do.
  • Find out what guarantees the drop shipping company offers. Do they insure their shipments? Do they have a guaranteed turnaround time from order to shipment?
  • Try to get some references from the dropshipper to see how they have performed for others.
  • Make sure they label the shipment as having come from you.

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